papichuloteej- S.O.T.R


He probably has one of the dopest names we’ve featured on here and today he makes his GGT debut. Papichuloteej recently dropped a soulful, and vibe packed two track collection titled “S.O.T.R,” which stands for SUMMERONTHERUN.

The main focal point of this small drop seems to revolve around the forever complex human emotion that is love. He speaks on “S.O.S,” the collections first piece, about the rose tinted glasses with which he sees the times he spent with a former beau. Clear cut claps and guitar strings paint the picture of “S.O.S” and make for a groovy & upbeat listening experience. Papichuloteej glides across the track with a lighthearted yet passionate tone in his voice before he passes the sound off to the equally impressive featuring voice of Marcos G. “Distant” meanwhile touches on the pursuit of love and the lengths one goes to see that love acquired. Here we get more of a bedroom pop/indie execution from the Vegas residing artist alongside his Chicago based feature, Victor Internet. The low-fi style of the second track is wrapped in a wavy synth and funky bass package which is guaranteed to mellow your thoughts.

Wrap your summer up with this one-two punch of vibes papichuloteej delivers. Stream “S.O.T.R” down below!

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