Coach Tev- COTY


“COTY” or Coach of the Year, pick your favorite, is the newest release from the always on point lyricist Coach Tev.

This new seven track project, to me at least, didn’t shock me with the lyricist based nature of Coach Tev’s music, but rather his delivery of said lyrics and the smoothness of the composition as a whole. Every verse, bar, downright to every word, blends and melts into the production, which credits Cambino, J08s, Kal Banx and Jax Grey, creating an immersive assault on the listeners ears. But as far as lyrics and subject matter go, the title says it all. COTY is an introspective analysis on Coach Tev’s behalf in which he reaffirms to the listener, and himself, that the talent which he possesses isn’t common, and is worthy of being displayed at the top of the music industry. Coach Tev features a talented roster in Devy $tonez, Alaun Deonte, and B. Anderson on “10 Months,” “Sad Day,” and “Gold Lips” respectively. Each feature chimes in providing the aforementioned tracks with a welcome switch-up.

Overall “COTY” highlights something that Dallas sort of already knew- Coach Tev is a true gem within the cities rapidly growing music scene. Stream COTY down below.

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