Yes I know I’m late with this one…

Pat Ron came back with new single two Saturday’s ago , which came on the heel of “Swangin Swervin.” This cut, SMOKEPURP, contrasts heavily to that in that this single displays Pat Ron’s signature laid back flow and wordplay whereas Swangin Swervin was definitely more of what he considers to be “TrapRon.” On SMOKEPURP he covers a few topics, one of these highlights is where touches on his determination up until now to remain an independent artist and the benefits that go along with it. He does this while addressing the other side of that coin being artists who have record deals, who so often shortly after signing lose themselves and what originally made them. Another topic he covers are his roots as a kid, mentioning his previous run-in’s with in school detention and how, in true Pat Ron fashion, would roll-up during said detention sessions.

XovDamon provides the production for this track with which he sets up this vibe. Soft and slightly electric keys give the song its color and easy on the ear nature. These key’s are supported by a slow drum pattern, which serve to mellow the songs overall tempo while still providing a bit of excitement. Listen to this cut down below.

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