G.U.N - Barcode (feat. D Savage) [MUSIC VIDEO]

The triple D heavy weight that is G.U.N collided with D Savage to bring us a banger that will get your blood rushing. G.U.N rides this NarcoWave produced track with a hushed tone and delivers hard hitting lyrics with precision.

Following G.U.N comes D Savage towards the tail end of the track. D Savage uses a louder pitch on his verse to contrast G.U.N’s more hushed tone.

To wrap it all up into a visual comes Evijanjohn providing energetic edits to the video, making sure the images always line-up with the drum busting nature of the song.

This track is best played with its volume cranked all the way up. Get ready to rage.

Peep the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTjeowtNjIQ