BBY Bruja - Fine Wine [MUSIC VIDEO]

Let’s talk about the music first and foremost. BBY Bruja will have you floating among the clouds… and that’s just with the first couple verses of this song. Effortless is the word that comes to mind when describing the manner in which she delivers her vocals and rides her beat. Her voice seems to slow down time as it echoes within your mind and serenades your ears leaving them begging for more. It’s not just the sound however, upon multiple listening’s you’ll see a story begin to unfold throughout the track, one of desperation in which she seems to be asking an old flame to rewind back to a time when their love was at its peak.

Now onto the visual… damn. Iliana Aragon and BBY Bruja come together to deliver a music video which transcends into the realm of art. It seems to encapsulate the sound of the music into something you can now visualize. A color palette of pink and purple clash to create a hazy and time crawling vibe.

Let’s hope these promising talents come together again… or not. As long as they keep creating I’ll be one happy fella.

Music Video:


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