Bandup Taay - Reminisce

Dallas is boomin, musically, everywhere you look there’s another talent worthy of making it to the top, this is particularly true for Bandup Taay.

Where do I start here…fuck. First off let’s cover how his energy and lyrical delivery is new school in its extremely high octane nature, he seemingly doesn’t pause to take breath throughout the entire track. Dropping his verses with a grungy tone in his voice giving the music some real emotion. Bandup Taay does his music with extreme fluidity switching up flows throughout the track with relative ease popping off from one rhythm scheme to another without missing a single damn beat.

Now the part that really hypes me up about his talent his how he lays the entirety of his energetic verses over a production which throws me back to some old Kanye. Soulful voices hum as a track in the background of the production giving life and a solid foundation to the song, it will get you moving and bopping your head, all the while 808’s slam to your ear drum giving that extra kick.

Peep the track here:

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