Remington - When You Go Away (ft. Anna Barnes)

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Remington pairs up with Anna Barnes on his latest single, “When You Go Away”. This track features a light production that elevates the vocal layers, especially the Anna Barnes’ harmonized choruses. Remington’s voice continues to stand out, especially with this style of hip hop/rap. You can actually hear how his voice changes over the song, getting slowly more fed up and frustrated towards the end of the song. The production lets Remington and Anna showcase what they really have. It’s there, but it doesn’t overpower what these artists are trying to accomplish. To me, I hear a boiling point approaching within the lyrics and tone of this song. This is iterated at the end of the song when the production just releases control and holds nothing back. Anna's voice creates this dream-like experience with echoing harmonies and a strong disposition of slowly drifting away. The story being told creates a path with many different avenues to go down, noticing which ones have been heavily traveled. I believe Remington isn't talking about someone else here with lyrics like "Trust me I'll be fine..". The song serving as somewhat as a reassurance, even though he might not be able to convince them completely. I am excited to hear more from Remington, as I've liked the last releases from the Dallas artist.

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