Yellow Jones- Answer Me Now (VISUAL)

Still Shot by Iliana Aragon (@aragoniliana)

Still Shot by Iliana Aragon (@aragoniliana)

Yellow Jones first official musical release has been a long time coming and one which has been highly anticipated by the Dallas underground scene and a few days ago- Dallas got that itch scratched.

This tracks introductory minute or so delves into the thoughts that race through ones mind when they are in love but even more so, how much space within the mind the one you love takes. The production, which was lent assistance by Acranim and Dizzy Made This, serves to mostly propel those reminiscing thoughts induced into the listeners mind by Yellow Jones voice. The beauty of this track is best highlighted when Yellow Jones lyrical content evolves throughout the piece into speaking on those cases in which those in a relationship choose to diverge paths for the sake of personal growth, along with the pain that comes from that separation. Yellow Jones uniquely harrowing, yet mellow, guitar strings pierce the listeners ears and paint a picture which can best be described as sunset heartbreak.

This is where Iliana Aragon manages to replicate that painting perfectly into a polished and well thought out visual. The visual takes Yellow Jones in his signature yellow shades as its center piece to convey the mellow state the music will put you in.

Answer Me Now marks Yellow Jones first official solo musical release, and if this the level of quality we should expect- let’s hope he drops more soon. Watch the visual down below.

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