Yellow Jones- Sunshine Pimp

Cover Art for  Sunshine Pimp  by @jaywatever

Cover Art for Sunshine Pimp by @jaywatever

Yellow Jones returns to GGT’s pages, this time with his debut album Sunshine Pimp.

Yellow Jones, leading up to this project, set the bar of expectation extremely high for the album, and himself. This could be chalked up to good marketing, the announcement of his very own release party, or just an overall dope artistic aesthetic. However, all that aside, what really mounted up the anticipation is the quality of features/work he’s done with other Dallas based artists such as Falak Fahim and KAASH PAIGE.

Sunshine Pimp covers topics that range from, the longing for love, as heard on the track Fade This Love, to Yellow Jones’s personal financial goals and dreams on Daily Routine. The one constant which remains, however, across all of Sunshine Pimp’s topics, is the relaxing, ever-present, melodic guitar strings produced by none other than Yellow Jones. His trademark ability as the charming guitarist of the Dallas scene holds up here as he manages to translate his soul and presence into hypnotizing sound.

Sunshine Pimp marks Yellow Jones’s debut album and it couldn’t have confirmed with more conviction the thoughts of those who have ever seen him live… the thought that there aren’t many other artists in the underground scene who can match the charisma and Talent of Yellow Jones. Stream Sunshine Pimp down below!

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