Kid Quill- Sunset Diner


The Indiana native that is Kid Quill made his first impression on my ears with his most recent album “Sunset Diner” and it has truly enlightened my outlook- such is the power of this record.

This collection of emotions and thoughts is wrapped into one cohesive and free flowing thirteen track project which is best experienced back to front- with no skips. The scope of this album is rarely come across as it goes about covering the vast emotional range which life can invoke on the human individuals spirit. What’s equally, if not more, notable is the precision, execution and beauty with which it does this- it’s truly awe inspiring.

Kid Quill’s vision, acoustic direction, and decision making for “Sunset Diner” is spot on, with possibly the most crucial of all being the massive scale and variance of live instrumentals which he decided to incorporate on the album. This decision is fleshed out on pieces such as, Quill’s Mac Miller tribute piece “Good AM” which holds brass and wind contributions from what appears to be an actual school’s marching band, and “Memories, the albums conclusion track, which holds a larger than life climax featuring a dazzling electric guitar solo.

I can dissect this album all throughout and praise it beginning to end, but at the end of it all we arrive to my final point being that: Sunset Diner by Kid Quill is a composition which makes the world appear more colorful and hopeful through its sound and voice. Listen to it down below.

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