Satchy- Brown Lotus


Pasadena based Satchy quickly embedded his take on indie R&B into my mind and soul with his newest album Brown Lotus. Here’s to his GGT debut.

This Californian multi-instrumentalist sparsely uses his voice on pieces yet manages to preach volumes to the listener with his guitar’s rhythm, lively saxophone and old-school drum and snare patterns. He and his band clearly grasp the concept that the voice should be a compliment to a track, as opposed to an overbearing shadow that hinders the listener from fully immersing themselves in this genres multidimensional acoustical offerings.

This albums layout is smoothly curated from beginning to end. An example of this can be seen in how “Balanced,” the albums introductory track, with its brightly colored saxophone riff and mellow guitar melody feed into “Hold You,” the albums second track, which brings Satchy’s silk like vocals on top of a low-down key based production.

Overall, I can confidently say Satchy, along with his band, is one talented musician. Listen to Brown Lotus down below.

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