Polo & Kalid - più mosso (feat. Bleu Santana)

Lyrical innovation is the theme of this project.

Polo and Kalid in collaboration with Bleu Santana have begun to lay the groundwork for what their musical sound and personal aesthetic will be and it’s one that has me really fucking excited. Leaving their parts in Chroma to the side for a minute, each one of these artists is able to highlight what makes their musical talents unique on this 5 track EP.

Through out the run time of ‘più mosso’ you will get hyped up, mellowed down and sometimes just mind boggled. By bringing their Latin roots to the surface with Hispanic influenced styled production, such as the one seen on ‘urbino’, and blending it with a hip-hop tempo and lyrical delivery style they create a sound which will draw you in and, keep you engaged. This is not all they have to offer however, and the track 'milan’ is a perfect example of this as they combine unorthodox sounding beats with estranged and defined lyrical tones. Peep this project down below doods.

Kalid on Twitter: https://twitter.com/omgitskalid

Polo on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ranchranchranch

Bleu Santana: https://twitter.com/BleuSantana