Myquale- Pangea

Cover Art for “Pangea”

Cover Art for “Pangea”

Myquale, alongside Thelonius Martin and Maceo Haymes, makes his GGT debut with his latest single Pangea and it would be an understatement to say this track deserves a listen.

The Chicago residing emcee comes onto this piece with a punctuated and crisp lyrical delivery that settles his voice with heavy intonation in your ears. Another impressive dimension to Myquale’s voice is the writing and rhyme scheme on which he bases his input. The craft of his flow allows you to easily nod your head in approval as you follow his lyrics through Pangea’s three minute long run time.

This cut’s sound is just as smooth and well polished as Myquale’s voice. An East Coast style cruising drum pattern, along with classic piano keys, from Martin’s production connect with Maceo’s soulful hook to provide a beautifully varied spectrum of sound to Pangea. Make sure you listen to this East Coast style hit down below.

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