KUSHKOSTA- Makin' Moves (Feat. Hilokalon, Junebug)


Kushkosta makes his second appearance with us in the form of his day old track “Makin’ Moves”

“Makin’ Moves” was a west coast 1990’s boom bap production and execution, courtesy of OCULVS, with a new school rhyme structure in the lyrical delivery from Kushkosta. Listen to Kosta preach on the hustle and grind that goes hand in hand with the climbing of the musical industry ladder while you reminiscence on sounds from the golden age of 90’s hip-hop.

The most enjoyable aspect of this track, as previously mentioned, is the aspect of old school meets new school hip-hop. Make sure you check out this musical fusion below and stream “Makin’ Moves.”

Keep up with KUSHKOSTA on Twitter: https://twitter.com/madhouse81g