Junior Mesa- 3 AM

Cover Art for  3 AM

Cover Art for 3 AM

Junior Mesa is quickly gathering the hearts and ears of listeners with every musical release he puts out. His most recent, 3 AM, continues this trend.

Upon hitting play on this track your ears are immediately greeted by Junior’s flowing voice to immediately begin giving your ears a taste of what they are in for. While Junior’s voice does shine, it's his guitar ability that lingers on in your mind after the song’s conclusion. His ability to paint emotions within the listener off the strength of his guitar strings alone is the most addicting part of his musical construct.

This mellow rock piece has Junior detail, as the title suggests, a scenario in which he found himself at 3 AM. The story follows his thought process as he anxiously ponders the dreams and thoughts his girlfriend is experiencing as she sleeps by his side.

Go ahead and listen to this cut down below.

Catch Junior Mesa on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitchimjunior