Jahn Dough- Match My Crazy (FT. M3CCA)


Jahn Dough makes his GGT debut with “Match My Crazy” and you should expect him to be featured a lot more on here after this track…

“Match My Crazy” is a single, which happens to be Jahn Dough’s most recent work. This cut has a seemingly soulful/funk inspiration to it. This is most clearly observed in M3CCA’s background vocals which also provide the hook and glue that keep the tracks overall structure intact. Potillo’s production on this track sets a soft, easy going, wavy base for both Jahn Dough and M3CCA to work.

Jahn Dough tears into this cut effortlessly it appears. His smooth bars, creative lyrical structure, and syllable rhyme scheme are varied and countless. In doing this he manages to keep the listener engaged as he spits in regards to the age old tale on how love can be rewarding- but isn’t without its costs. Listen down below. “Match My Crazy” is on all major streaming platforms.

Jahn Dough on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JahnDough7203

M3CCA on Twitter: https://twitter.com/M3CCA_

Potillo on Twitter: https://twitter.com/puristpotillo