Fletcher- B4!


Recently the Chicago emcee that is Fletcher made his GGT debut, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he made his return onto our platform. His second go around here comes in the form of his new cut “B4!.”

Fletcher hops on this track like a slug straight out the barrel of a 12 Gauge. He goes with a hard, grungy, quick fire no punches pulled mindset on “B4!.” His flow is only matched by the brain knocking drums on the production.

His lyrical mastery is immaculate and its easy to see. For an example one only has to notice how he is able to paint pictures and dissolve them for his listeners all in the matter of 2-3 bars. Among the various topics he covers on this track, the one that sticks out the most is his dialogue on what growing up in Chicago can be like and the way it has shaped his perspective on day to day occurrences.

Listen to this underground gem down below.

Catch Fletcher on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fletchthe8th