Pretty Boy Aaron- Comb My Hair (ft. Tesia, BRUHNICE)

Cover by Carcos (@Endoftyler)

Cover by Carcos (@Endoftyler)

Pretty Boy Aaron’s music releasing formula of quality over quantity on his journey through the music industry is proving to be an effective one- Comb My Hair is a testament to that.

First it must be noted how well the overall composition of this cut was executed and thought out. Pretty Boy Aaron’s decision to bring on the Brooklyn residing vocalist Tesia for the hook (and one short verse) needs to be applauded. Aaron’s deeply voiced and unique hip-hop bars contrasted beautifully with Tesia’s smooth vocals, and out of that contrast a dynamic musical relationship was created in which they fed off each others energy throughout the songs three and a half minute long run time.

Aaron further displays his talent as his overall song composing acumen shines through clearer than ever on Comb my Hair. He once more manages to seamlessly blend different musical genre bits and pieces such as, hip-hop, indie rock, and pop just to name a few, into one cohesive summer hit. Listen down below.

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