Brionne- A GGT Interview.

Photograph by LavetaRochelle

Photograph by LavetaRochelle

We got a chance to chop it up with Dallas based artist Brionne… See what she had to say to us down below! 

Dood! So…you just released 23! How do you feel?

Haha what’s up man! I feel good as fuck & high...literally & mentally. It had a pretty good turn out. I’m grateful that you like that bitch.

How long have you been cooking for it? What was the thought(s) you were trying to get across to your audience with this project?

Brionne: “I’ve been working on it for about 6-7 months. I really wanted to like plant my foot in this shit. Lmao. That was the whole goal, to establish my name in the game. So I was nervous as fuck cause shit a lot of people in Dallas were tryna play me before. So it feels real good. I also wanted to prove to myself I could improve. I could really be the greatest out here. It’s a physical thing I have that I can see my growth from when I started. So yeah. Lmao this hoe is my baby for sure.”

Photograph by LavetaRochelle

Photograph by LavetaRochelle

Why did you decide to call it 23? I couldn’t figure it out even after listening to the project a few times over.

Brionne: “everyone says that! Haha it’s simple! I just turned 23. It’s my first tape. So boom. It’s like a stepping stool for me. I’m here now.”


NTSQ seemed from the outside looking in, like they played a big part in 23’s release. How did you come to join the group?

Brionne: “That’s my gang! I’ve made some new brothers over the past few months. I think I went to my first NTSQ meeting in November 2019. So I’ve been with them ever since. They introduced me to the music in Dallas that I listen to & jam on a day to day basis. So they’ve helped me grow in my artistry & in my truth in music. That’s the tribe. Father Rob & HRTBRK JNZ produced two of my tracks (Power & Wish a Bitch)”

Photograph by LavetaRochelle

Photograph by LavetaRochelle

One thing many people say is that female artists now a days are “blowing up off their sexual appeal” or some bullshit like that. What would you say to all those people? What would you say to fellow aspiring female rappers?

Brionne: “I don’t know why people be so judgey of female artists haha. That shit weird. I would tell them to just do what they wanna do. Just be yourself. I can be very sensual at time but overall my vibe is super chill. That’s me. If you’re a super sexy person exert that shit! The fuck. Too many followers in this world to be telling a leader how to act, especially women.”

With hip-hop now coming into a new space where female artists are being more and more embraced by the public. Why do you think it has taken this long for women, for the most part, to be embraced by hip-hop culture?

 Brionne: “I think maybe in our generation it kind of influenced us getting back used to females in hip hop. If you look over time there were plenty of women in the 90s dominating hip-hop. Nicki Minaj brought that shit back. That’s my bitch for that. She paved the way for a lot of this shit. That’s just facts.” 

Photograph by LavetaRochelle

Photograph by LavetaRochelle

Have you come across any push back in this game? How long have you been making music? When did you decide it was time to take it seriously?

Brionne: “Haha I may be the most underrated artist in Dallas, J. That shit used to get to me a lot. Everyone don’t see your potential how you see it! I had to learn that shit. I had to gain confidence in myself. “Shit, I like to do this shit so I’m gone do this shit my way. I don’t give a fuck. I wake up everyday and live for me & mine.” That’s my mindset everyday. I smoke some & stay in my zone lol. That’s key, but shit. I’ve been rapping for about a year. I have a whole brand I’m coming with. I like building a name of me. I do so much other shit I wanna show the world. But for now rap helps me a lot expressing myself creatively. I love it. It’s kind of like poetry. I’ve been writing poems all my life damnear.” 

Something lighter now…I love asking this question hahaha. If you were put on *insert huge festival name here* what would you put on your rider?

Brionne: “Lmao I need 50 blunts rolled off top! Bunch of fruits like watermelon, apples, & pineapples. & Smart Waters. Afterwards I want tacos from the best spot in whatever city I’m at. Lol I’m simple.” 

Photograph by LavetaRochelle

Photograph by LavetaRochelle

If you could slap one person in the world, jokingly of course (or not), who would it be? Why?

 Brionne: “At the moment? Whoever the fuc stepped on my Jay’s @ my last show. Ima slap the shit out that nigga. Lmao”

Lastly…What do people need to know? Summarize as best as possible?

Brionne: “We steady rollin j’s & here to stay. That’s it.”

I wanna give a huge shoutout to Brionne and the entire NTSQ team for being down for this interview. Now go stream her newest cut in the form of 23 the EP down below!

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