Brionne- 23 the EP

Cover Art for “23 the EP”

Cover Art for “23 the EP”

Brionne makes her GGT debut with her booming and hard hitting debut ep titled “23 the EP.”

First and most noticeably is her silk like voice, it’s not that she’s singing by any means, it’s just that the natural tone of her vocals will quickly pop out to you on the first listen. It’s these very same vocals that give her music and lyrical style a sense of effortless talent. Another notable aspect of her music is her clever wordplay that sometimes will just outright have you chuckling and saying “damn” within your own mind, as you process the verse she just delivered to your ears. This six track ep is diverse in its sound and this can probably can be chalked up to it’s six different producers. There’s a different one for each piece, and while this many hands will usually damage a projects overall construct and flow, it actually does this ep good. It allows Brionne to display her versatility as she can not only pop up with energy and hype, which you can hear on the track “Nappy,” but how she can also slow it down and be more methodical, which is displayed on “Power.” It also never hurts your project when you have both Pat Ron and EA$E on a track like “Tropics Brimix.”

With this being her debut ep, it shows that she will only grow and go up from here and if this is the case- it will only be a matter of when rather than if she will blow up. Stream “23 the EP” down below.

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