Eli Cash - The Drone Age (Album)


The latest album from Eli Cash, “The Drone Age”, questions our societal perspective and his views upon it. There is a lot going on in this album in terms of stylistic choices. From influences of rock, jazz, and R&B, Cash seems to experimenting with how he wants his music presented and received. The album is set in a dystonia society of another world, a world that is strikingly similar to ours. A world that many fear isn’t coming, but is already here. Songs like “Orwellian Nightmare” and “The Internet Isn’t the World” express Cash’s worries about society and the government, not only for himself but his children as well. My favorite song off this album, “Time is Running Out”, features a heavily rock inspired production on top of Cash’s warning lyrics about what he sees the future becoming and what the present currently is. Most of the samples that are featured at the beginnings of a few tracks come from the 1981 film, “My Dinner with Andre”, which sets a striking tone for this album and speaks the same message Cash is trying to convey.

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