isaacnathanielxx - Tangerine (Album)


Dive head first into "Tangerine", isaacnathanielxx's latest and greatest release. A tight 10 track collection, isaacnathanielxx wastes no time with the opener and title track, which features a slow and gloomy production along with foreshadowing into the vocal presence on this album. Isaacnathanielxx's vocals are out of this world, switching up between authentic and unaltered examples to blending them within the production for song progression and mood changes. As well as bringing an already vulnerable album to a more serious tone, the raw acoustic guitar production of "Strangest Ways" reveals a very emotional performance. While a song like "Sky" is more production centric, which displays a nice contrast throughout the songs. The gloomy and wishful romantic undertones are in a large portion of the storytelling. I've already listened to this album about 3 times since release and can't imagine stopping soon.

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