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Dallas artist Zunny premieres his latest project, “PLAYTHISWHILEUTAKEASHIT.TAPE 2”. Zunny is approaching songs from different angles while, par “RUN UP” (produced by NADIE), producing and mixing every song on his fucking phone. There’s a lot of fresh ideas and really fire songs that feature heart pounding productions and chanting hooks that invoke a very primal feel to it. Songs like “MOMMA” and “RUN UP” feature this energy. Contrasting nicely from these high vitality productions are the tracks “SAFE” and “2000 HONDA”. Which both round off the tape nicely with intense, atmospheric melodies and are overall softer approach than those previously mentioned. A listener might lean towards one style than the other from Zunny, but for me I think they’re both extremely fleshed out and only speak for his style to channel his emotions differently in his music.

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